At the 2016 annual Art in the Park event in Midtown Houston.

Hi! I am Juliana Alonso, a natural born helper, idealist, and creator, I like to say that I’m composed of equal parts sentiment, compassion and goofiness. I’m incredibly serious about fully feeling and witnessing the life experience.

I offer you my art and talent as an instrument to fill your life with strength, joy and positivity and to inspire you to honor and appreciate every piece of yourself and your story. 

I love expressing myself and connecting with your sentimental soul through my custom flower preservation heirloom art:

It all started with my wedding flowers and the desire (perhaps obsession) to preserve them in a beautiful way. As the pieces unfolded, I saw the memories of family, togetherness, and joy from that special day re-emerging and living on; being immortalized.


Daily, as I work and reflect on the pieces, they serve as a connection to the moments that matter most in my life. They give me strength in rough times and keep me grounded and connected to my roots, family, and homeland.
We all need that connection… those roots.

Ever since, I have made it my mission to create custom art, as well as my own series, with preserved flowers; turning them into heirloom paintings filled with life and their owners’ unique stories that speak of new adventures surrounded by those they love.

I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia — a city in the mountain valleys of the Andes in South America — I’ve since made a home in Houston, Texas. This transition as an immigrant has sparked an enduring passion for the concept of home and a need to continuously explore and express my roots.

There is also a transformative side to my work, making art from fragmented pieces of my life (memories) is an acknowledgement to my heritage and the journey of life in general.

My work acknowledges and honors the meaningful moments that define who we are; the constant transformation and fragments of a unique life story.

I spend most of my free time with my rock, Shawn (who photographs, approves and wraps projects upon request), training Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art filled with expression and African heritage, music and strength.) I am also an amateur yogini and more often than not, I pretend to be a couch for one or three rescued cats that boss me around.

I love uplifting animated films; it’s hard to choose favorites but some are Persepolis by Marjan Satrapi, How to Train your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E.  Traveling to new places every year is one of my passions as well as documenting my days through photography. Saving flowers from my friends’ weddings to make them a little gift is also one of my favorite things to do!

It is my hope is that you will draw joy, resilience, and bravery from my art to pursue new horizons as well as celebrate the chapters of your own life!

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