Primer Baile – First Dance | March 2015 | Immortalized Flower Petals, Alcohol Ink & Ink Pen on Cold Press Bristol Paper

Capture your day in a vibrant way that’s full of life!

Like a moment in the sun, this art will instantly reconnect you to that special person and time, while filling your space in a stylish way.

your memories and flowers, my art techniques and talent.

I’ll help you preserve flower petals from your special day and revive them through my art process. We can include important symbols of your choice. You can guide me with photos of a special place, tree, house, or landscape to become part of your own life story. I will provide you with easy instructions and a packing kit to send me your flowers so I can get started as soon as I receive them.

Telling your story through a vibrant statement of life is my priority and vision!

the details:

Trees are a big component of this art. Here’s why:

Trees represent the “Roots” component of Violeta Roots. I love telling life stories or reflecting on special moments with beautiful trees because they represent life cycles, resilience, and the power to adapt to whatever life brings. No matter what may happen around them, they always remain unique, beautiful and strengthened by their roots. Each mark means a new experience, from the roots to the branches, they are full of life!

the technical part:

Once you send me your flowers, it will take around 1 month for the petals to become little canvases to work with. Then I will create your art piece using ink etching and your flower petals. The total timeline will depend on how big and detailed you wish for your art to be. All of these details will be discussed in advance.


I would love to ship a framed piece to you if you so choose. I can also ship your piece protected between plastic sheets so you can frame it locally, using your favorite framing style and shop. My suggestion is to use high quality UV protection glass to protect the petals so they can live on as an heirloom in your life and for generations after you.

All pieces include a certificate of authenticity.


All pieces are shipped insured for at least the value of the art piece (including framing, shipping and handling)

Creative Gifts & Favors to Share the Memories

 An original, thoughtful, stylish gift for your loved ones!

Original Art pieces

I still remember the excitement of my in-laws when months after my own wedding, I gave them an original piece built with my wedding petals. You can share your story with those closest to you by gifting them a piece of the story in the form of art! If you wish to gift them original pieces, the process is the same as your main art piece(s). I can also build smaller pieces for your closest friends or family members.

High Quality Art Reproductions

If you wish to share the same piece of art with them, I also offer museum quality reproductions, printed in high quality inks and papers by professionals that offer the closest resemblance to the original art pieces and they are available in big formats. 

Share your day!

Small Format Art Reproductions

I offer small size reproductions of your art, printed in high quality papers, ready to frame. These are very special and inexpensive tokens of appreciation for your friends that can be an everlasting memory at their own living space.

Ready to frame using standard frame sizes. Prices vary according to quantity.

 Thank You Cards:

High quality greeting cards, using your original art piece as the card design.

Pricing varies on quantity.

Let’s tell your story!

If you are interested in preserving your wedding flowers and turning them into exclusive artwork built with your heart, contact me using the form below:

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