Are you interested in working with me to customize your special flowers into an heirloom painting made with your heart and story?
Here is what some flower preservation testimonials some of my customers have shared!

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I had been been admiring Juli’s work for a long time now and thought I’d have to wait until I get married to purchase a custom piece. I was so thrilled when I found rose petals I had kept from the first time my boyfriend sent me flowers, so I immediately contacted Juli.
I love the amount of care and thoughtfulness she puts into her work. From taking the time to Skype with me to hear my story, to naming the piece and telling that story through visuals, this experience blew my mind.
I knew that the work would be beautiful, but I couldn’t imagine the level of thought and detail that would go into it.

Juli doesn’t just make a beautiful piece of art with your flower petals; she truly thinks about the story she wants to tell and she brings it to life better than you could ever imagine. She kept me updated every step of the way and when I received my artwork in the mail, it was packaged so nicely! I have already been telling everyone about Juli’s work and I highly recommend it.
I can’t wait to someday get married so that I can work with Juli again and continue to preserve our story through this beautiful artwork.

-Kelsey Waild-

Painting: "We Found Each Other"

Testimonial_thumb__0001_primer_baile_art_no_wattermarkWhen Juli brought “First Dance” over to our house, we knew it would work perfectly with our other pieces of original art. Juli is a good friend and we have known her art over a few years. When she showed us her new paintings, we couldn’t resist!

“First Dance” highlights the beauty and precision of nature. It uses actual flower petals from our wedding that Juli has surrounded with an intricate sketch of a tree’s roots. The vibrant colors of the flowers helps give our room brightness, like an extra sun ray pouring in through the window. But we also love how, at night, the petals seem to glow in the lamplight–probably because of the intricate root frame.
Juli is a natural artist because she not only aims to perfect each painting, she also cares about the spaces where her art fits. She had a good idea of what worked in our house and recommended a piece accordingly. I highly recommend her work. Among all the original art from Latin America we have in our living room, her work stands out for its contrast and how well it works with different lighting.
Thanks Juli!

-Valerie & Ricardo Nuila-

Painting: "First Dance"

Testimonial_thumb__0007_a_moment_in_the_sun_optI contacted Juli because I wanted to capture my mother’s special gift of flowers from her two sisters for her 70thbirthday.

My mother and her sisters live across the country from each other and rarely see each other, so I asked Juli to capture the essence of both places- the trees and green of Ohio and the desert of Arizona. When I first saw the paintings I was overwhelmed with joy. Juli was able to not only capture both beautifully but incorporate them into three unique and rare paintings that are simply stunning.  These paintings hold a special place now in my family, as my mother and her sisters are connected in a new way with a special reminder each day of the wonderful connection they share.

My experience working with Juli was nothing short of delightful- she is honest, professional, a deep listener and brought a level of integrity to this work that surpassed my expectations.

I would recommend Juli to anyone who wants to savor a special moment in the most unique and loving way. Juli offers such a unique take on flower preservation that I believe to be one of the best-kept secrets in the art world.

-Alexis Fedor-

Painting: "A Moment in the Sun"

Testimonial_thumb__0005_Lifetime_viewsWhen we heard our friends were getting married, I immediately knew what to get them as a wedding gift. I’d already seen Juli’s incredible work with preserved flowers, how she captured moments and places with her creative sketches, colors, and preservation pieces. Juli’s sense of artistry, combined with my friend’s groundedness to her hometown (the wedding was held on her family’s farm, overlooking the river), made for a piece that my friends loved and called “quite an heirloom.”

We couldn’t have been happier, and would highly recommend Juli to any of our friends or family looking for a unique and beautiful piece of art!

-Joy Mackey-

Painting: "A Lifetime Views"

Testimonial_thumb__0004_look_out_my_love_printI was so happy to give a meaningful gift to Mom for Mother’s day and not some gift card to a spa.  This year she got art made with flowers!  It was amazing to see an artist capture the love and appreciation that I feel in a gift that I was proud to give my mom.  In addition to the emotion behind the art, the work was so well done with an amazing attention to detail and high-level of craftsmanship.
I would recommend Juli to anyone who appreciates unique, meaningful, and quality art.  It’s just a bonus she’s so easy to work with!

-Mauricio Patiño-

Painting: "Look Out My Love"

Testimonial_thumb__0000_Saint John WeddingWhen I gave my sister her painting, she absolutely loved it!!! She teared up a bit 🙂 Totally shocked and amazed at the painting, the petals and how it looks just like the beach in St John where she got married.
I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make this gift so special.

-Nicole Tisbert-

Painting: "Enjoying the View"

Testimonial_thumb__0003_Jacaranda ForestThis art work completely captivated the emotions I could relate with my special memories associated with the jacaranda trees so much so that I was overcome with emotions and spontaneously burst into tears. An amazing piece. Great admiration for the time taken to delicately recreate such a beautiful memory. – Jayne

Juliana is very professional when handling this artwork I commissioned her to do for Jayne’s birthday! Despite a tight schedule, she delivered the Jacaranda Memories as promised in a very professional UV protected wrapping to keep e delicate artwork from the elements! What a lovely surprise indeed! I found her on Instagram (@violetaroots) showcasing her creative process! She is incredible in her talent and professionalism! – Irene

-Irene & Jayne-

Painting: "Jacaranda Memories"

Testimonial_thumb__0002_mountains of heavenWords cannot express my gratitude to Juli for this amazing and meaningful piece of art.  She listened to everything I told her I wished for in a memorial piece and made such a stunning piece of art for my family.
I am both overwhelmed and humbled by this piece. Thank you.

-Noel Holland-

Painting: "Mountains of Memories"



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